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Terms of sale

General terms

1. The browsing our site url: and the purchasing of an order entail the accaptance of Conditions and Data Protection Policies.

2. These General Terms of Sale apply to the products on sale, exclusively on this website, in accordance with arrangement of Parte III, Titolo III, Capo I, Codice del Consumo (D.lgs. n. 206/05 modificato dal D.lgs. n. 21/14 e D.lgs. 70/03

Company: Saottini Società Agricola

Registered Office: Via Tugurio 3, 25017 Lonato del Garda

Vat Number: 04059720989

Registered Number: BS-585712

3. Before purchasing an order, users are required to read these General Terms of Sale that are meant to be unequivocally accepted.

4. Users should download and print a copy of these general terms of sale. Saottini Vini could change them without notice.

5. It’s possible to browse this site and get the products on sale in English.

Art. 2 – Object

1. Our General Terms of Sale regulate our offer, transmission and acceptance of order purchase of Saottini products. Otherwise they do not regulate the supply of products that are present in the website throughout banners or link.

2. Before buying some product ofthird party , we suggest you should verifity their general term of sale.

Art. 3 – Contract subscription

1.In order to subscribe an order, it’s mandatory to fill out a digital form and send it according to our instructions.
2. In the form there are a cross-reference to General Terms of Sale, to the pictures and the price of every product, the payment one could use, the shipping and shipping cost and delivery, the right to withdraw, how to return the goods.
3. Before the subscription, users must confirm the reading of General Terms of Sale, included the right of withdrawal and processing of personal data.
4. The purchase ends when the seller receives the filled out form, after verification of data correctness.
5. The buyer must pay after the online process ends. This is realized by clicking on the button “Purchase your order” at the end of the guided procedure.

6. At the end of the contract, the seller take charge of the order to send it.

Art. 4 – Registered Users

1. By completing registration process, users must follow the guidelines on the website and must provide.
2. After registration is completed, users reveice a confirmation to their mail.
3.Confirmation excuses Saottini Vini from any responsability about users personal data. Users must update their data.
4. If users do not communicate wrong or inaccurate data or in case of a dispute about payment done, Saottini Vini could not activate or could suspend the service till regulation.
5. At first registration Saottini Vini give the customer a user name and a password. Saottini Vini accept these as the only way to identify an user. This process is the only one that validate the data and the acts done by the users, with binding efficacy.
6. Users must keep password secret and do not give it to third party.

Art. 5 – Product availability

1.Product availability refers to real availability at the moment of purchase. This must be considered purely approximate, because, due to other user presence on the website, products could be sold to third party before order confirmation.
2.Even after confimation mail is sent, partial availability could be verified. In this case, order would be automatically rectified, removing the unavailable item and the buyer will be immediately informed per mail.
3. If the buyer ask for an order cancellation, Saottini Vini will refund the whole amount by 14 days from the moment Saottini Vini has become aware of users decision to withdraw the order.

Art. 6 – Prodotti offerti

1. Saottini Vini sell: Wine and Olive Oil
2. You will find our our complete offer here:

Art. 7 – Means of payment and prices

1. Product price is indicated on the website from time to time, except for gross mistake.
2. In case of mistake, Saottini Vini wlll inform you as soon as possible, so that the purchase could be confirmed with correct price or cancelled. Saottini Vini must not sell a product that has incorrectly a lower price.
3. Prices on the website are VAT and shipping cost included. Prices could change in every moment. Changes are not meant for that purchase that received a confimation.
4. After one selects his favorite products, they will be added to a cart. Instructions must be followed to complete the purchase, typing o verifying the requested infos during the process.
5. Payment is possible by wire transfer.

Art. 8 – Delivery

1. Saottini Vini deliver in Italy, Vatican and San Marino.
2. Saottini Vini deliver to the users address only.
3. In Italy delivery is meant by a week, or at least by 30 days.
4. In UE the delivery is meant in 8/10 days or at least by 30 days.
5. If the delivery could not be done, the purchase will be sent back to the deposit. In this case, a notice clarifies the location and how to get a new delivery.
6. In case one could not be in during the delivery time, please contact us again to agree another date.
7. In case the delivery could not be done, due to causes Saottini Vini is not responsible for, after 30 days, the purchase is meant to be terminated.
8. In case of termination of the contract, the whole amount will be refunded by 14 days, shipping costs included. Except for that extra cost due to onother method of delivery. The transport cost due to the termination of the contract could be charged.
9.Buyers must pay the shipping costs and they are clearly specified during the order.

Art. 9 – Transfer of risk

1. The risks will be transfered to the buyer during the delivery. After the payment, shipping costs included, buyers have the property of the products, or when products have been delivered, if done later.

Art. 10 – Warrenty and trade conformity

1.The seller is responible for every product fault on the website, here non-conformity of ordered products included, pursuant to Italian law.
2. If the buyer enters into contracts as a consumer that browse Saottini Vini website with no business purposes, the warranty is valid on condition that the fault appears by 24 months from the products delivery; it is valid on condition that the buyer will claim by 2 months when the fault is happened and the form will be correctly filled out.
3. In case of non-conformity, the buyer that enters the contracts as a consumer has the right to get the conformity without charges, through repair or replacement, or to get a substancial reduction in the price, or to get the termintation of the contract and the money refund.
4. Seller must be charged of every costs of faulty products. 

Art. 11 – Withdrawal

1. In accordance with Italian laws in force, the buyer has the right to withdraw without penalties and without declearing any reason by 14 days, pursuant to art.57 d.lgs 206/2005, from the date of receipt.
2. In case of multiple purchases in a single order and delivered seperately, the term of 30 days is effective with the date of receipt of the last product.
3. The buyer that wants to exercise the right of withdrawal could send an email, with order number and user name, to:
4. The buyer could excercise his right of withdrawal by sending any claim with the reason or sending the specific form Allegato I, parte B, D.Lgs 21/2014.
5.Goods must be send back to: VIA TUGURIO 3 25017 LONATO DEL GARDA
6.Goods must be send back undamaged, in the original packaging and with tax documents. The right to verified as above specified is reserved, Saottini Vini will refund by 14 days the whole amount, shipping costs included.
7. In accordance with art. 56 comma 3 del D.Lgs 206/2005, modified by D.lgs 21/2014, Saottini Vini could stop the refund till goods will be received or till the buyer will prove he has shipped them.
8. The right of withdrawal will not be applied in case that Saottini Vini’s services and products are included in art.59 d.Lgs 206/2005.
9.Saottini Vini will pay the refund, using the same mean of payment of the purchase. By wire transfer the buyer must communicate tha bank details: IBAN SWIFT e BIC.

Art. 12 – Data processing

1.Buyer’s data are processed in accordance with Italian law, as specified in art. 13 Regolamento UE 2016/679 (Privacy Policy).

Art. 13 – Safeguard clause

1. In case that one of the clauses of General terms of sale is invalid, that will not compromise the respect and validity of the others.

Art. 14 – Contacts

1. Every request could be send per mail to:, by phone calling +390309130801, and by post: Via Tugurio 3, 25017 Lonato del Garda

Art. 15 – Applicable law and legal venue

1. These General Terms of Sale are governed by Italian law, without prejudice to any different law issued in the buyer’s country. Consequently, the interpretation, exsecution and resolution of the General Terms of Sale are subject to Italian law
2. Potential dispute will be settled by Italian Authority. Particurarly, if the buyer is a consumer, potential dispute must be settled by legal venue, where the buyer has his residence,
These term of conditions was written on 16. April 2020